No gym? No problem! Here is a lower bodyweight workout from my Muffin TopLess Challenge!
Lower Bodyweight Workout
Warm Up - jog 10-20 minutes
10 jump squats
10 narrow stance squats
10 wide stance squats
10 walking lunges (each leg)
5 one-legged squats (each leg)
10 bench step ups (each leg)
As many mountain climbers as you can do for 1 minute
As many calf raises as you can do for 1 minute
Repeat this circuit 10 rounds (if you can do more, GO FOR IT!!!)
No rest between exercises, only rest 2 minutes between rounds.. try to keep moving during those 2 minutes (jog in place, do jumping jacks, high knees, butt-kicks, just keep your heart rate up!) For the No-Gym Necessary, Upper Bodyweight Workout, Here ya go!
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: Booty workouts :)


Bikini booty Thong workout

MaliBooty workout

Hot booty firm up

POP Pilates: Butt blaster

Butt and Cleavage workout

How to get a perfect butt workout tutorial

10 minute booty shaking waist workout

Beach bum workout

Best butt…

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Full Body Workouts :)



Yogilates Exercise

Total Body Mat Workout

Total Body Ball Workout

Total Ball Workout

Standing Workout Challenge

Full Body Gym Routine (Beginners)

Full Body Dumbell Challenge

Full Body Challenge

Focused Workout

Beginner’s Challenge

Beginner’s Dumbell Workout

Beginner’s Resistance Band Workout

Bikini Workout for Beginner’s

Basic Gym Workout

7 Exercises to Work Out Your Whole Body

Ball Workout

Love these. Going to put them in my workout DVDs :)

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Boxer Babe Cardio Workout

Abs and Cardio Workout

10 minute workout to loose body fat


Food Baby HIIT Workout
Heart Throbber
Fat Melting Routine


Ten minute ab workout
Ten minute ab workout for Fitness
ThinQ Fitness - 10 minute abs workout


Full 10 minute ab workout:
Flat Abs Challenge


Fitness for Legs and Bum
Ten minute Ballerina Beauty
Ten minute Leg Workout


Full leg and thigh workout
Slimmer Inner Thighs and Running Calves
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